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Albumhunt’s Control Panel

18 Dec , 2008,
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Recently we have completed albumhunt’s work. I am really glad to giving him quality work. and this work in created in smarty. customer is so pleased with efforts. even I have seen lots of his customer feed back on shout box [ one module on site] on albumhunt.com.

As this is Cristmas month. and I also feel that I will offer some gift to him. as physically its not possible for me to send gift to him as it might be costlier for me. so I have given gift to him for animated santa in javascript. seriously this is first time we also made site like 3D look. our designer Raj M Jadhav created his high talented efforts in created designs for not only this site but also for many other sites as well.

Even we have created email templates for that site. i wish you visit the sites and enjoy the looks.

This site having almost 30,000 visitors every day. so we have created different layers for each sections. at the same time we have delivered high query optimization. previously page was aroun 360k. now whole page is around 60k. its all because of Runwalsoft always works on cutting edge technologies. site is created with keeping in mind of table less structures.

Does Tableless structure worth enough ?

23 May , 2008,
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Majority of people really don’t know about exact usability of table-less structure. Its not like table-less structure. its all about xhtml validation. According to xhtml nested html “<table>” are not allowed. so people thinks that its tableless structure.

Few years before we used tables for decoration purpose. I mean creating right column , central column, left column for showing specific information. but <table> tags itself taking so much size in creating pages. as it also takes time for executing complete page. just see the following example.

Let say if you want to show A , B

People use

<table cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0 border=0><tr><td>A </td><td>B</td></tr></table>

But look at this, just showing smaller contents we have increased the size of of page. but if we want to make this in xhtml page. this will be small enough

<div class='FirstCol'>A</div><div class='SecondCol'>B</div>

In This way we are reducing tables. Right now people want their pages should be accessible to every browser. years before we are just using computer to see web pages. but now a days, There are many application where we can see web pages. some of them like mobiles, PDA, TV etc. so for them bandwidth is major concern for them.

Lets imagine that if you web pages taking too much time to access on these appliances then pages hits on your site will be reduced and in the same manner their will be less visit on your site. and you will not get full output from your site.

So Think again.