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AHVideoz.com’s new theme on move

5 Mar , 2009,
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As this web site quite looks similar to albumhunt.com but there are many different things which was not in albumhunt or previous version of ahvideoz. as previous version of ahvideoz had problem of security which he wants to fix with new system. though system is already being ready 1 month ago. But there is drastic efforts was taken on testing this web site. when system was on alpha stage then old version web site reported one more problem that search feature is blocking/locking all the tables.

As any how we need to support that customer. though this part is their major problem and never like my customer in trouble. I told them that we need to upgrade

  • Mysql server
  • Installed Memcache module
  • Grant user for creating procedures, trigger, functions.

As server company was belong to his friend. and he is quite friendly with me as well. so upgraded the module. thought memcache need to add some part in our programming. this make that site even super fast. and load on the server was drastically reduced. as most of queries(lots of sql statement) are being executed in cache parts so its very obvious that program will be move faster.

Previous version belongs table structure. and new version of the site itself tableless structure so html pages are moving even more faster. This is the work which I really happy to deliver bcz lots of things working as per my expection. There is another project “parasmani suiting” for that I had contacted Indiatimes’s hosting panel but their staff are one the fool peoples. They have upgraded mysql to mysql5.0 but doesn’t provided permission to user for creating procedures , trigger or function. so I unable to provide advance features to my customer. Here in this case, hosting guys are really smart enough to understand technologies and ready to move for advance versions.

In this project we have used sprits as well. to understand sprite keep in touch with this blog. This whole work is carried out in smarty template engines. It looks that I fall in love with smarty. 🙂

This is how their new site looks like.

New Theme for Ahvideoz

New Theme for Ahvideoz

when ahvideoz saw this site then he is also happy to give his more work to runwalsoft. and thats what I called goodwill for me. There are some minor changes on the site and then we will move another work for this customer.

One more good site is live. www.printitindia.com

2 Mar , 2009,
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As most of the time I never accept the work from local customer. reason for doing is that they never pay on time. But one day I had one phone call from my friend saying that ‘Manish , we have to do one web site.’ and he specifically looking for me to handle this work. But schedule is so tight that I barely get time for this project. but he said he already commited that his site will be created by Runwalsoft itsself. so finally I keep his words.

So first we have shown him 5 template. from which he likes 2 different things. some part of first theme and some part of another theme. and our best designer have make such a fabulous themes and logo for them. which customer hardly objected. Work is started with daily updation and chatting with him, and we decided to move forward with smarty tempalte system. though my friend don’t know about net technologies but he trust me so much and given me full authority on technologies.

When work is on completion he decided to add few more points which was not the part of theme. but I also thought that he is saying correct. as majority of theme looks little white color. so later added few more designing things and great flash created by designer. and finally site looks like this. www.printitindia.com

PrintItIndia's Theme

PrintItIndia's Theme

when we tried to upload the site then found that there hosting was free hosting on godaddy. and godaddy having some extra code for free sites. They generally add extra Advertise on free site. but that advertise doesn’t look good on the site. which we really need to stop that. so we added one css coding which makes site really working good.

Customer also want that their product need to driven from admin panel. and they are displayed on index page with small scrolling between the product. so as per their expection we have finally deliver work in just 1 week. and he is so happy that I can not express in words.

Albumhunt’s Control Panel

18 Dec , 2008,
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Recently we have completed albumhunt’s work. I am really glad to giving him quality work. and this work in created in smarty. customer is so pleased with efforts. even I have seen lots of his customer feed back on shout box [ one module on site] on albumhunt.com.

As this is Cristmas month. and I also feel that I will offer some gift to him. as physically its not possible for me to send gift to him as it might be costlier for me. so I have given gift to him for animated santa in javascript. seriously this is first time we also made site like 3D look. our designer Raj M Jadhav created his high talented efforts in created designs for not only this site but also for many other sites as well.

Even we have created email templates for that site. i wish you visit the sites and enjoy the looks.

This site having almost 30,000 visitors every day. so we have created different layers for each sections. at the same time we have delivered high query optimization. previously page was aroun 360k. now whole page is around 60k. its all because of Runwalsoft always works on cutting edge technologies. site is created with keeping in mind of table less structures.