One more good site is live.

As most of the time I never accept the work from local customer. reason for doing is that they never pay on time. But one day I had one phone call from my friend saying that ‘Manish , we have to do one web site.’ and he specifically looking for me to handle this work. But schedule is so tight that I barely get time for this project. but he said he already commited that his site will be created by Runwalsoft itsself. so finally I keep his words.

So first we have shown him 5 template. from which he likes 2 different things. some part of first theme and some part of another theme. and our best designer have make such a fabulous themes and logo for them. which customer hardly objected. Work is started with daily updation and chatting with him, and we decided to move forward with smarty tempalte system. though my friend don’t know about net technologies but he trust me so much and given me full authority on technologies.

When work is on completion he decided to add few more points which was not the part of theme. but I also thought that he is saying correct. as majority of theme looks little white color. so later added few more designing things and great flash created by designer. and finally site looks like this.

PrintItIndia's Theme
PrintItIndia's Theme

when we tried to upload the site then found that there hosting was free hosting on godaddy. and godaddy having some extra code for free sites. They generally add extra Advertise on free site. but that advertise doesn’t look good on the site. which we really need to stop that. so we added one css coding which makes site really working good.

Customer also want that their product need to driven from admin panel. and they are displayed on index page with small scrolling between the product. so as per their expection we have finally deliver work in just 1 week. and he is so happy that I can not express in words.