Is it possible for site to be hosted in multiple language ?

Yes. It is possible that you can host the same site with multiple languages. the only thing is that we programmer can handle the work.

traditional old method -> Create the both languages pages. but now no one using method. becuase it creates more headache for updation and maintaining the site.

Best way to use custom CMS. where at the time of adding data you will be provided an option to write data for another language.

In more technical you need to create the work in template engines. there are many template engines. e.g smarty, ITX , phplib , phpbeautifier etc. As we can handle all template engines. if you still have doubt about template engines don’t hesitate to ask more details. I will answer your question.

Generally template engines keep Php(scripting) files apart from designing files (html). This is called layers. Here application layer is kept seperate in business layer. and its a best approach for object oriented process. As incase if you feel that you want to change the business process logic then you don’t need to touch the designing part. At the same time if you feel that you want to change the design then you don’t need to touch business process.

Now a days designer don’t know about programming and programmer are not good enough for designing. So this process is create.

smarty is much popular in the market but incase infuture if you didn’t find any person for small modication in designing or nominal changes then it will be difficult for nontechnical person to handle smarty. but ITX is bit easy for them. so we always encourage our customer to go with ITX though programming with both engines is same for us.

Phplib template engines is little harder as they doesn’t provided much flexibility with process.