Headache and Time consumption.

Recently I have one experience with one customer. Customer given me psd file. I have created one application relative to psd file. like center part of the image need to be much better than what shown in psd file. when Test server demo is shown to the customer without viewing the application he told me to use exactly what shown in that psd file. Even I have explained to him that image is much smaller as compare to screen. But he was not in mood to listen to me.

For him to say changes is easy task for me us its time consuming. as it needs every pixel calculation for each layer. site was created to show many other site’s images with single click. As majority of the work belongs to javascript. so making exactly like psd have take 2 more days.

Now when time comes to show him demo. then again he told me … no no.. image looks better if it was of larger size ( which I have created previously). isn’t that too hectic. Arguing with him is really bad. but he is not consider the wastage of time which I lost because of that.

After all I want to make site goes live. and make him happy so I have made changes but sometime precise instruction is much better for it. I am planning to charge such customer if they changed their requirement.

For Customer they doesn’t realize what are other things which is affected the system. changes one configuration is really matters other factor.

Let see how things are going on.