People – Centric Values
  • The welfare of each employee is very important to the success of our company.
  • It is the intention of the company to encourage a working environment, around mutual trust and confidence to promote a sense of belonging.
  • Every employee is considered an important member or our company team.
  • Our success is built on the recognition of the skills and efforts of each employee and our policy is to treat each team member with dignity and respect.
  • We will continuously work together for the benefit of our present and prospective customers and suppliers in order to improve the company’s competitive position, which will enable the company to accomplish the following goals:

– to guarantee customer satisfaction by offering high quality IT solutions and services.

– to provide an adequate return from the investors of organisation as a

professionally managed, technologically sound and ethically excellent organization.

Equal Employment opportunity
  • Organisation is built upon teamwork and equal opportunity and is committed to develop and implement a program of nondiscrimination and affirmative action.
  • The company subscribes to the principles of equal opportunity and will hire the best people on the basis of merit and qualification without any bias to their religion, caste, colour or sex.
Personal Appearance

  • Personal appearance, proper hygiene and appropriate attire are important to the work environment.
  • For the clients, the personal appearance and attire of our employees may be an indicator or our quality orientation.
  • Hence, employees are expected to report to work wearing clean clothing to uphold the company’s image.
Social Sensitivity

  • Organisation is committed to Eco friendly environment.
  • Considerable amount of money and effort is being planned in the future to propagate awareness to these matters in the neighborhood.
Place to eat

  • The company will provide a dedicated place to eat for the convenience of the employees.
  • Employees are encouraged to use the place for their schedule break and lunch period.
  • Employees owe it to their fellow employees to keep the eating area neat and clean.
  • Consumption of food is only permitted in the dedicated place.
  • There will be Tea/Coffee vending machines. Employees are required to refrain from taking teacups & saucers to their working areas to maintain a serene workplace.
Energy Preservation and Waste Prevention

  • Waste of energy and materials is very, very costly to the company and ultimately results in losses or reduced profits.
  • Please conserve energy at every opportunity.
  • Employees are encouraged to discuss with admin. function of any suggestion they may have to conserve energy.
  • All are required to switch off lights, fans and A.C.s while leaving the work place and impress upon the fellow employees to emulate.
Safety Rules

  • Besides the following listed safety rules, each employee should make

himself familiar with the workplace and check if there are any additional

special safety rules in the designated work area.

  • First-Aid supply kits are provided in the work area. It is the responsibility of the supervisors to see that the kits remain well stocked.

– Know where the fire extinguishers are located and how to use them.

– All defective equipment or tools must be brought to the attention of the

supervisor and not remain on the job

– Practice good housekeeping. Keep work areas clean and free from

stumbling hazards.

– Employees must be sure that their actions do not endanger other employees,

or damage company or personal property.

– Keep guards and protective devices in place at all time.

– Do not attempt to operate special equipment without permission and instructions.

– Do not repair or adjust equipment while it is in operation.

Personal Value and Integrity

  • The company expects that all employees will conduct themselves with the pride and respect associated with their positions, their fellow Employees, customers, suppliers and everyone else is associated with the company in one from or another.
  • Employees should always use good judgement and discretion in carrying out the company’s business.
  • The highest standards of ethical conduct should always be used by the employees of organisation .

  • Organisation is engaged in software Development for its clients, which requires that a strict code of confidentiality of information be maintained.
  • No employee will store information outside of the company (either written or electronic form) about any matter pertaining to the conduct of the company’s business.
  • No information regarding organisation purchase prices or manufacturing process shall be given to anybody without permission of senior management.

n Unauthorised communication regarding prices, service, problems, gossip, etc. about one vendor or customer to another is prohibited.

n Any employee who compromises information may be subjected to disciplinary proceeding.

n In addition, idle gossip or dissemination of confidential information within the company, such as personal information, financial information, etc. will subject the responsible employee to disciplinary action.

n It is the responsibility of every employee to bring to the attention of the management immediately of any attempts by any one collect sensitive information from them.

n Employees are advised politely yet firmly to direct such inquiries to appropriate personnel dealing with the subject.