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Property Web site is live today

7 Jul , 2008,
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We have completed successfully completed. One web site for domain . Whole website is created with admin panel where all properties are managed by admin. Whatever properties are uploaded which will be tracked by admin.

Though site need marketting but it will be increase data automatically. Flash menu bar is added for making elegant look for the site. and Flash Banner.

RSS feature for showing different news related to properties. where admin can able to upload their details.

Let See the Image

Site is driven with Custom CMS with the use of ITX template engine. soly created by if you also willing to create your own site please click here

Is it possible for site to be hosted in multiple language ?

1 Jul , 2008,
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Yes. It is possible that you can host the same site with multiple languages. the only thing is that we programmer can handle the work.

traditional old method -> Create the both languages pages. but now no one using method. becuase it creates more headache for updation and maintaining the site.

Best way to use custom CMS. where at the time of adding data you will be provided an option to write data for another language.

In more technical you need to create the work in template engines. there are many template engines. e.g smarty, ITX , phplib , phpbeautifier etc. As we can handle all template engines. if you still have doubt about template engines don’t hesitate to ask more details. I will answer your question.

Generally template engines keep Php(scripting) files apart from designing files (html). This is called layers. Here application layer is kept seperate in business layer. and its a best approach for object oriented process. As incase if you feel that you want to change the business process logic then you don’t need to touch the designing part. At the same time if you feel that you want to change the design then you don’t need to touch business process.

Now a days designer don’t know about programming and programmer are not good enough for designing. So this process is create.

smarty is much popular in the market but incase infuture if you didn’t find any person for small modication in designing or nominal changes then it will be difficult for nontechnical person to handle smarty. but ITX is bit easy for them. so we always encourage our customer to go with ITX though programming with both engines is same for us.

Phplib template engines is little harder as they doesn’t provided much flexibility with process.

z-indexing with Flash object/embed code.

18 Jun , 2008,
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This is really difficult for css creator to make tags which move above that flash object. even myself we have seen that its not possible to access (move) any elements above other Tags. Let see the following This.

This is for z-index 2
Flash Object

Image A

This is for z-index 1 Flash Object
This is for z-index 2

Image B

When we try to make “image B” where Flash object is behind the other tag. but its not work easily. even micromedia saying that flash object is different set of layer. so it always getting “image A”. which is really hard for any programmer.

There is one solution to achieve this. All the following line on object tag. and for Firefox user. as object is not their tag. and they are using embed tags show add attribute wmode=”transparent”

<param name=”wmode” value=”transparent”>

Then you will see the things like Image B. and now on your z-index will also work here.

Incorporate PicLens on your site ?

17 Jun , 2008,
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Recently I have seen one nice add-on for Firefox. Its one of the best application for viewing images or graphical search result.

we have created many gallary based site. some of them for hotel, some of them for tourism , some one want it to be personal. but showing images have different ways of liking.

RSS have made all things in standard application. and PicLens uses RSS (little bit different,minor changes). and Then your site will be ready to go live with piclens.

Though its not hard to implement for RSS based site. i am planning to use PicLens application for

In Piclens when you used it has feeling like we are moving in reallife gallary. something like which have seen in Room(Hall) where all images are mounted on wall. and we are walking in that Room. and only that images are highlighted. what a effect. I personally like that very much.

Different Types of CMS

6 Jun , 2008,
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There are different CMS in the market.

cms Drupal Jamoola Mambo OpenCMS Typo WordPress

Out of Jamoola is quick popular among the customer. But problem is that people unable to judge which is good for them. for does they really as effecting as you want to mold it.

What If Ftp and mysql access are not given ?

5 Jun , 2008,
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Many times customer thinks that we might spoil their FTP account. or mis-use the FTP or cpanel. But this is all myth. As we are professionals and doing work from almost Year 2000.

Generally FTP is the thing where we can able to upload the files on your server. as for IIS and Apache(Linux) both having different settings. so as a programmer point of view we have know which server you are using.

There might be another question which might arise. What is difference between IIS and apache servers. First Major difference is that IIS is case-insensitive. and Apache is case-sensitive. in more details. when say If I created one file abc.php, ABC.php and uploaded on IIS server then both files will be overwrite. and Final upload will be carried out. But If server is linux+Apache then both files will be uploaded. and server thinks that abc.php and ABC.php both are different file. So As a programmer point of view, it is necessary for us to get access.

There are some settings which is also required to know. Let say you have install php on your server. but we would like to know which version of php is installed on it. sometime if your php version is very older then some function will not execute properly on your machine. and their might be possibility that you think that we programmed bad. No that is not the case.

Same thing for mysql versions. some of mysql version having very less features and recent version of mysql having many features like procedures and triggers.

We have seen that my people try to upload the files on their own. and unable to access site. They forgot many thing which only programmer knows.

  • Whether Uploaded Files on correct location. e.g IIS sometime folder is httpdocs or httpsdocs or Apache its www folder. if any person upload the files on wrong path then it will not seen.
  • Some folder might need to give permission differently. Let say if program is created to upload the files to specific folder then that folder’s permission would be set accordingly.
  • Sometime people upload the files and forgot to provide permission for execution.

Access for Cpanel / Plesk / Admin Panel

Some program need to set email handling script. their need to From email name should be set. so for that reason we needs to know whether that name was already set. if that email address is not set then systems thinks that email going outward or inward as spam

Some time we need to set the cron job. for setting cron job on cpanel,plesk or any other login are different.

Some we need to check whether their particular module is installed or not. Recently we have one cpanel access where we found that every upgradation server do. then they disabled pdf module. and then customer thinks that it was our problem. then we technically shown that customer that it was problem belongs to host company and not with solutions which we have provided.

Still if you have doubt why we need these ? Then you have to always keep faith on programmer. because he is the person who is working on your code. We are here to create goodwill for our firm. We doesn’t like that our work is not going online. so just keep faith.

Whats new in HTML5

1 Jun , 2008,
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Please note that still HTML 5 in under draft mode. there are certainly many things changed when it come to live. but myself also waiting for this new kind html. I have list down some of the features which I read through w3c and different searches.

I hope browser will also be ready for it.

Read More…

What is DOM ?

26 May , 2008,
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Dom mean by document object model. basically used for accessing each object in browser. Browser keeps all the tags in hierarchical node. Main Parent Element is Document Element. and then it has their childs. like html , head, body, and body having their child which we have written in Tag.

W3c have created one standard for each object in html elements. every elements (object) having some set of events , properties and their functions. basically it used when you are writing javascript code.

Make one thing sure that every node accessed in IE or FF their way of representing node is different. IN FF space will be treated as another Node. and in IE it will be doesn’t trach space as different node.

so incase you are accessing document.childElements[2].childElements[1] in IE might be different in FF. so be careful while doing programming.

Does Tableless structure worth enough ?

23 May , 2008,
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Majority of people really don’t know about exact usability of table-less structure. Its not like table-less structure. its all about xhtml validation. According to xhtml nested html “<table>” are not allowed. so people thinks that its tableless structure.

Few years before we used tables for decoration purpose. I mean creating right column , central column, left column for showing specific information. but <table> tags itself taking so much size in creating pages. as it also takes time for executing complete page. just see the following example.

Let say if you want to show A , B

People use

<table cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0 border=0><tr><td>A </td><td>B</td></tr></table>

But look at this, just showing smaller contents we have increased the size of of page. but if we want to make this in xhtml page. this will be small enough

<div class='FirstCol'>A</div><div class='SecondCol'>B</div>

In This way we are reducing tables. Right now people want their pages should be accessible to every browser. years before we are just using computer to see web pages. but now a days, There are many application where we can see web pages. some of them like mobiles, PDA, TV etc. so for them bandwidth is major concern for them.

Lets imagine that if you web pages taking too much time to access on these appliances then pages hits on your site will be reduced and in the same manner their will be less visit on your site. and you will not get full output from your site.

So Think again.