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Firefox OS-The brand new Operating system in the market

8 Nov , 2013,
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The main function of the World Wide Web was to access the widest range of documents with the help of internet. But 20 years down the lane ever since its evolution, it has become a portal for accessing wide range of music, videos, games and countless applications.

But today, the world is mobile. Referring to this, I mean web browser on our home PC has taken a back seat which once acted as a gateway to email, social networks and video-on-demand. With the evolution of smart phones and tablets, web browser plays less important role than the millions of apps available on Android and iOS platforms to fulfill all these tasks.

But hold on- Here comes Mozilla

The not-for-profit organization “Mozilla” wishes to bring the web at front on mobile with Firefox OS, its completely open source OS designed especially to run apps built from latest web technologies.

Why do we need Web Technologies?

That’s a quite practical question and the answer to this is because web technologies can reach vast numbers of people. Practically anyone with access to a web browser can run a piece of software built using the latest web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, whether that browser is running on an Android handset or any other.

In one way, the aim of Firefox OS is to get developers using the open web APIs Mozilla has developed, for accessing core mobile phone and tablet hardware in order to knit the OS and applications together, such as push messaging functionality.

Mark Surman, the executive director of the Mozilla Foundation said, “We’re not doing Firefox OS because we want Firefox OS to win, we’re doing Firefox OS because we want the web to win.”

The first ever version of the Firefox OS was released on April this year and following it, version 1.1 was released on October. Firefox OS 1.1 brings a number of performance improvements, including MMS support, a new push notifications API, app search and contact management enhancements to name a few.

What are the new features of the Firefox OS 1.1?

  • Multimedia Messaging (MMS) support added to the messaging app so that you can send pictures, video, and audio to contacts, or a text message to multiple people at the same time.
  • Saving images, video, and audio from the browser is now supported.
  • Email account contacts can now be imported from Gmail and Windows Live Mail (Outlook).
  • Email image, audio and video attachment download has been implemented.
  • Attaching and sending Gallery images now supported.
  • Email draft mode has been implemented.
  • Improvements to the dialer and contacts, such as easily adding a dialed number to an existing contact and dialer suggestions to easily find contacts.
  • Cell Broadcast implemented for simultaneous delivery of emergency messages to subscribed users.
  • Major performance improvements around application launch time and scrolling.
  • Music search to find music by artist, album or song title.
  • Firefox OS offers Calendar features such as:
    • Separate detail and edit views.
    • Alarm sound notification selection.
    • Direct event creation at specific date/time.
  • Push Notifications API:Developers can make use of push to deliver timely notifications to apps and reduce overall battery consumption.

For more new updates on this topic, please stay connected.

Top Ten Popular Sites As

17 Aug , 2012,
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The most interesting and talked about stories, videos and pictures on the web. Breaking news on Technology, Politics, Entertainment

1. what’s new online
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2.Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters
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Blog that auto-generates a news summary every five minutes, focusing on technology, particularly tech business news and innovations in computing and the Internet.

4.Newsvine – Get Smarter Here
News service which, as well as reporting the latest news, allows users to comment and chat about every article, write their own columns, and point readers to other stories.

Dedicated to obsessively profiling and reviewing new Web 2.0 products and companies.

6. The Register: Sci/Tech News for the World
Biting the hand that feeds IT.

7. Techdirt.
Thu, Jul 15th 2010 7:02pm. Share This. Filed Under: anonymity, comments, … Paul Alan Levy alerts us to the news of two recent rulings about internet anonymity, …

8. Ars Technica
The PC enthusiast’s resource. Power users and the tools they love, without computing religion.

9. Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things
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Threaded discussions on technology and culture.

Verizon of iPhone

16 Aug , 2012,
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The Apple iPhone 4 improves on the 3GS with Over 100 New Features.

This 16 GB Smartphone boasts new LCD display technology with increased pixel density. At 326 pixels per inch, this smartphone has a display, four times denser than the average LCD display. As a result, its 3.5-inch screen has a resolution of 960×640 pixels. Jobs referred to this as retina display, because it is a resolution higher than the human eye can perceive at a distance of approximately one foot. The software can automatically display applications with higher rendering, eliminating the need to update existing products to take advantage of the new display.

Its A4 CPU designed by Apple sets the iPhone 4 16 GB apart. Similar to the processor in the iPad, the A4 processor improves power management for increased talk time of up to 40 percent more. The A4 chip in the Apple iPhone 4 now supports assisted GPS, packs and accelerometer, proximity sensor, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a compass, and an ambient light sensor.

Gamers are thrilled with the addition of a gyroscope to this smartphone, as it can now be used as a game controller because of its high motion sensitivity. This new addition offers the ability to detect pitch, yaw, and roll, for complete 6-axis motion sensing.

This 16 GB Smartphone captures high quality photos with two, five megapixel cameras. However this model maintains the size of the pixel sensors, so they capture more photons. With a backside-illuminated sensor, the camera can increase the amount of light it captures, delivering better quality photographs, especially in dim light. The newly designed camera now has tap to focus technology, 5x digital zoom and a LED flash.

Videos can be recorded in HD 720p resolution at a rate of 30 frames per second. The LED flash can also be used when shooting videos along with the same tap to focus technology as in the camera.

The iPad’s e-reader application, iBooks has given alternative versions significant competition. The iPhone 4 allows smartphone users to enjoy the same software right from their phone. Readers can access books they have purchased from any of their registered devices. Its technology tracks use from device to device, so those who start a book on their iPad can pick up on their Apple iPhone 4 right where they left off, without any extra charge.

One of the most exciting developments in the Apple iPhone 4 is a second front-facing camera. Among its several usages the most interesting is the new FaceTime video calling feature. Not only can users have face-to-face conversations; they can also switch to the standard five megapixel camera on the back of the device.The Apple iPhone 4 represents a giant leap into the newest methods of communicating, becoming a true all-in-one machine. Its new features and improvements facilitate easy upgradation.
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Working with LDAP details.

26 Jul , 2010,
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Some people like to use website to be logged in with external people. Some people wants logged in for only in-house members. so they host their on server. such time of work generally to be used only Intranet. and they don’t want internet people to logged in for the application. In such case LDAP login will be one solution. most of the organization already have their ldap is configured. so web application need to use LDAP details.

Following are the thing which I am expecting to be installed on your machine.

  • openldap
  • php-ldap module
  • phpldapadmin [just to cross check functionality]

LDAP is having their own structure of managing and maintaining the hierarchy. each level of representation have their pre defined schemas. These schemas are written in /etc/openldap/ldap.conf & /etc/openldap/slapd.conf both of these files are only accessible to root. Please note that I have made this development in linux operating system so all documentation written here are base of linux things.

Now As development point of view. if you want to make the working environment on your local machine you have to perform following details.

Now first step is to configure slapd.conf just login as root and open this file for edit and you will see first 4-5 lines which represent their schemas

include /etc/openldap/schema/corba.schema
include /etc/openldap/schema/core.schema
include /etc/openldap/schema/cosine.schema
include /etc/openldap/schema/duaconf.schema

Please note that every ldap having different set have schemas. so depending upon their ldif file has to be written. Here I have considered default installation made in fedora 13. basically ldap stores in details in light weight database structure bdb (burckley DB) or ldbm. Here I have considering bdb.

in slapd.conf file you will find these lines.

database bdb
suffix "dc=runwalsoft"
rootdn "cn=root,dc=runwalsoft"

Might be dc and cn will be different machine to machine. Note that dc is suppose to be domain name. let say if you have your server as then dc will be dc=something,dc=com. There are few terminologies which you need to understand here.

dn = Distinguished Name, cn = common name, rdn = relative distinguish name, dit = directory information tree, slapd = standalone LDAP.

Now In the same file you will find “rootpw” this is main admin password for ldap. In *nix system admin is always called as root. so machine root and ldap root you can seperate it. and its password you can set with line as follow

rootpw {SSHA}sDH698lRKptqw6d1uFmAKifrgZnvlcGc

Here ssha is encryption which is used. for setting new password you can use slappasswd command. when you type this in terminal they will give you some encryption for it.

Few lines at bottom you will find word directory so this is directory path where the actually directory is stored. now last but not the least at the bottom you will have to give others to access this ldap. if you don’t give access to ldap rest of the things will not be possible to use it.

access to * by dn.exact="cn=root,dc=runwalsoft" read by * none

With the above line we are allowing people(inhouse users) to use access ldap structure. Now this is all you have configured ldap configuration. Now its main part is to add users or information into ldap. but before that you need to be sure whether whether ldap is working properly or not.

on services make sure you have enabled slapd service. or you can from command prompt start slapd service

service slapd restart

Always make one thing sure that whatever you made changes in any conf file you have to restart that service.

How to see whether ldap is properly configured or not ?

Just open terminal(command prompt) and type following code

ldapsearch -x -b '' -s base '(objectclass=*)'

In that output if you see dc then it means that functionality is proper. and configuration is made proper.

Now next part is to add ldap details e.g. user and other information. Now you have to know that every information which we are going to save it has to work with schemas which is included in slapd.conf file.

Lets create one file “working.ldif” where we are going to add following set of code.

# Entry 1: dc=runwalsoft
dn: dc=runwalsoft
dc: runwalsoft
description: This will be Hostname;
o: bowling
objectclass: dcObject
objectclass: organization

# Entry 2: ou=people,dc=runwalsoft
dn: ou=people,dc=runwalsoft
description: These are peoples
objectclass: organizationalUnit
ou: people

# Entry 3: cn=manish,ou=people,dc=runwalsoft
dn: cn=manish,ou=people,dc=runwalsoft
cn: manish
objectclass: inetOrgPerson
objectclass: top
ou: Developers
sn: manish
title: Manish Runwal
uid: manish
userpassword: fedora

# Entry 4: cn=roger,ou=people,dc=runwalsoft
dn: cn=roger,ou=people,dc=runwalsoft
cn: roger
objectclass: inetOrgPerson
objectclass: top
ou: Developers
sn: roger
title: Roger F
uid: roger
userpassword: fedora

# Entry 5: cn=user1,ou=people,dc=runwalsoft
dn: cn=user1,ou=people,dc=runwalsoft
cn: User1 Lastname
cn: user1
objectclass: inetOrgPerson
objectclass: top
ou: Human Resource
sn: user1
uid: ulast1
userpassword: user1


Now next part will be adding this working.ldif file to ldap structure for that you need to use following command.

ldapadd -x -D "cn=root,dc=runwalsoft" -w-f working.ldif

After that this will ask for root’s password. enter the password, and done. things are working. now…

how to see structure of our newly created ldap ?.

a) Either you can use php program or b) you can use phpldapadmin

before making the program. I hope you have installed phpldapadmin when you try to visit site http://localhost/phpldapadmin you will see it is asking for login dn and Password

Now dn is the thing which you have written in slapd.conf file so in dn box you have to write the following things.


and in password write down the password . I am expecting that this will allows you to connect and make it working. now let say if you don’t want to login with root then also you can properly use phpldapadmin. just in dn you have to write complete path.


and in pasword : user1

this also allows you to connect to ldap. please note that phpldapadmin only allows you to view bottom childs of your hierarchy and not the parent.

Now you will notice that when we try to create child node for ldap structure we have to use their objectClass so these objectClass differs from schema to schema. Now in the next blog you will learn how to connect ldap using php.

If you have any question don’t hesitate to ask me. I will respond your comments.

Working with mysql foreign keys.

5 Feb , 2010,
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We have seen that most of the time people write many lines of code. Might be the reason behind is that they either don’t know the capabilities of the each and every modules. Out of that different module one module is mysql.

As most of the websites having some kind of relational database. where their is one master table. and their keys are used in other tables. But if the programmer don’t know about the foreign keys then they write the code at the time of deleting the record e.g

Lets imagine that We have 2 tables

  1. Books
  2. Purchasers

people write following syntax.

create table books ( id smallint primary key auto_increment , name varchar(100));
create table purchasers (id smallint primary key auto_increment , bookid smallint , pur_name varchar(100));

While creating this, many programmer forgot major things. as they are creating these tables with storage engine as myISAM. but they forgot all transactional details need to be saved in InnoDB. and current released version’s of mysql support foreign key for only innodb. and Now php is being concern they write code for 2 sql statement for deleting books and their purchasers. this is really bullship.

Now We have seen that when we got the work for existing websites. we seen similar things in many cases( almost all the cases). this really increases lots of efforts in programming as well as maintaining the codes. For owner of websites , they don’t bother(rather they don’t know) what other/older programmers written on it. this increases our efforts even more. And now our database designer taking meetings with programmer and explaining the things was older database. so programmer have to find excessive work written on the code. and replace with just simple modification made by our DB designer.

First Important thing needed is to first convert required tables into innodb

alter table books engine = 'innodb'; 
alter table purchasers engine = 'innodb' ;

Then Adding of foreign keys.

alter table purchasers add foreign key (bookid) references books(id) on delete cascade on update cascade ;

Doing This will add foreign key so that when we delete any book it will delete all their respective references given on purchasers table. which can be achieved with only single sql execute in php see the following line.

delete from books where id = _NUMBER_

some time we have seen that we have to drop foreign keys. and mysql manual says that use the following syntax.

alter table tableName drop foreign key keyName ;

But now the problem is that how to get that key name. Then you need to use following way.

show create table tableName;

Doing this you will get name of foreign key. then delete the foreign key and index key. Please note that when you want to add foreign key to any table try to make foreign key symbol name by your own rather than automated by mysql. This will easier for you manage and maintaining the all the keys. every foreign key comes with 2 kays one foreign key and one index key. if you just delete only foreign key then it will not be good way. as you are keeping garbage of index kay.

How to use Site API to create short url?

22 Apr , 2009,
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Recently there was one requirement for one customer. where we have to post data to twitter application. but twitter when submitting comments on twittter, twitter having limitation that it has only 140 characters to be posted for status. out of that customer wants to post their blog’s url as well.

Now things started making complicated. I have suggested him to doc one short domain but later realize that he doesn’t have option to part domain for their hosting. so I have been told to use API for which will programmatically convert long url into short url. so I have added this blog so that people will understand how to create program which will dynamically covert long url into shorter one.

All the methods which I have suggested based on php programming.

Requirement :

I have used some of higher php function for that it needs you have 5.2.0+ and JSON is integrated. and Curl option is enable for your domain.

There has been 2 sites which we are working on and now you have registered their site. I hope they are still free and get Key as basically these are the keys which want while processing.

For This site you need to understand POST is not accepted by cligs. so you have to send data in get method.


$key = "abe34849f398d02b83abf64ed6690ef5a"; // This will be your key
$tobeShorten = "";
// This will be url which you want to make it short
$url = "";
$param = "url=". urlencode($tobeShorten) ."&title=This is testing&key={$key}&appid=RunBlog";
$ch = curl_init();

curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, $url . "?" . $param);
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);

$result = curl_exec($ch);
// Look at the returned header
$resultArray = curl_getinfo($ch);

if($resultArray['http_code'] == 200)
  // This means that key is correct and the url which you have given is also working.
  echo "Short url is <b>" . $result . "</b>";
  echo "Error occured " . $resultArray['http_code'] ;


Note : here key which I have written is dummy key. where you have to copy paste the key which you got from the site. and see you will get short url

For there are few advantages and few are disadvantages. we can create 5 links concurently from same IP address. though that is really rare condition. advantage is that you can process multiple links at the same time. Means let say you want to convert 4 links in just one CURL call then it will be possible. and here you can use POST as well as GET mothod.

In both site you need to understand we have taken care of response from the server. if we got response header as 200 ( which means OK) then everything moving on is preety good. by default provides response in JSON. I hope you know that thing. if you don’t know much just visit here its one of the simple method to process.

There is another option as well to process reponse as xml but I also still feel better to use JSON.

$key = "R_c02b4ad85ccdsde92asdfe3951dfac08";
$username = "mrunwal" ;  // This is username when you register on their site.
$tobeShorten = "";
$url = "";

$param = "url=". urlencode($tobeShorten) ."&title=This is testing&key={$key}&appid=RunBlog";
$param = "version=2.0.1&longUrl=". urlencode($tobeShorten) ."&login=". $username ."&apiKey=" . $key ;

$ch = curl_init();

curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, $url . "?" . $param);
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);

$result = curl_exec($ch);
// Look at the returned header
$resultArray = curl_getinfo($ch);

//Following is the method to handle json output

//This function REQUIRES you should have php5.2.0 +
$result = json_decode($result,TRUE);
// This is the response which you gets from curl
/* "errorCode": 0, "errorMessage": "", "results": { "":
{ "hash": "ptlxO","shortKeywordUrl": "", "shortUrl": "", "userHash": "11vL1X" } },
"statusCode": "OK" */

if($resultArray['http_code'] == 200 && $result['errorCode'] == 0 && $result['statusCode'] == "OK")
  // This means that key is correct and the url which you have given is also working.
  echo "Short url is <b>" . $result['results'][$tobeShorten]['shortUrl'] . "</b>";
  echo "Error occured " . $resultArray['http_code'] ;


Using this way it will be easier for you to process all shortenning of url. I hope you will feel better to use Runwalsoft’s programming for your current project. don’t botter to contact us.’s new theme on move

5 Mar , 2009,
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As this web site quite looks similar to but there are many different things which was not in albumhunt or previous version of ahvideoz. as previous version of ahvideoz had problem of security which he wants to fix with new system. though system is already being ready 1 month ago. But there is drastic efforts was taken on testing this web site. when system was on alpha stage then old version web site reported one more problem that search feature is blocking/locking all the tables.

As any how we need to support that customer. though this part is their major problem and never like my customer in trouble. I told them that we need to upgrade

  • Mysql server
  • Installed Memcache module
  • Grant user for creating procedures, trigger, functions.

As server company was belong to his friend. and he is quite friendly with me as well. so upgraded the module. thought memcache need to add some part in our programming. this make that site even super fast. and load on the server was drastically reduced. as most of queries(lots of sql statement) are being executed in cache parts so its very obvious that program will be move faster.

Previous version belongs table structure. and new version of the site itself tableless structure so html pages are moving even more faster. This is the work which I really happy to deliver bcz lots of things working as per my expection. There is another project “parasmani suiting” for that I had contacted Indiatimes’s hosting panel but their staff are one the fool peoples. They have upgraded mysql to mysql5.0 but doesn’t provided permission to user for creating procedures , trigger or function. so I unable to provide advance features to my customer. Here in this case, hosting guys are really smart enough to understand technologies and ready to move for advance versions.

In this project we have used sprits as well. to understand sprite keep in touch with this blog. This whole work is carried out in smarty template engines. It looks that I fall in love with smarty. 🙂

This is how their new site looks like.

New Theme for Ahvideoz

New Theme for Ahvideoz

when ahvideoz saw this site then he is also happy to give his more work to runwalsoft. and thats what I called goodwill for me. There are some minor changes on the site and then we will move another work for this customer.

How to make site super fast?

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You might have seen that google, yahoo and many other sites are super fast. Though there are many thing which affect to make site super fast. But lets discuss some of the points which belongs to programming or programmer.

Most of the time what we design is much important. because if design is wrong then it will affect the performance of the site. let see following points step by step.

  • Database
  • Image Creation
  • HTML Pages
  • CSS Handling
  • Cache Utilization
  • Hardware related things [ This things belongs to hosting company so it will not be explain]

I will explain each points with you in short time. stay tune.

Steps for converting mysql to mysqli

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As mysql and mysqli both belongs to same mysql server. mysql and mysqli as just modules provided with php.

when we started working on php and mysql then only mysql module was provided and different hosting company even not updated their mysql for latest version. so specifically we had to use the old technique to access these things. now many things are changing. People at the server company realize that they need to keep updated servers then only they will get more customer for their hostings. and now a days even customer are already known abt pros and cons of databases.

Now things begins here. now you have old traditional web site which was created using old techniques and you want to make things more optimised and go with new cutting edge technologies. so there few things which you really need to keep in mind that now a days different layers are used for web sites. its not as easy as what traditional methods. now on every front peoples are getting more advance. just for the sake of example. now for handling database there are dedicated peoples who knows clustering , memorycache ing for mysql. and in designing now advance flash version details are used with greate features. some templating used to keep site flexible to modify. and here we(Runwalsoft) have made all front details advance. each of our designer, programmer, database handlers are advance. they know how to tacles the hits. and how to mange more hits without losing their customers.

just for the sake of programmer. let say if you have used to open database connection you might have used.

$cn = mysql_connect('localhost','root','password') or die ('Unable to connect' . mysql_error());

which now you have to change like this.

$cn = new MySQLi('localhost','root','password','DatabaseName') or die("Unable to connect");

in the similar fashion you have to change queries as well previously we was using

$rs = mysql_query($sql,$cn) or die("Unable to find sql statement<br>" . mysql_error());

which is now

$rs = $mysqli->query($cn, $sql) or die("Unable to find sql statement <br>" . $mysqli->error);

I know that this is very very simple things but sometime people forgot how to use these. so I am writting this for newbie. mysqli means that mysql improved. and it having my good features along with it. I will update few more lines after some time. lets have start atleast. 🙂

Animated PNG coming into Town.

26 Nov , 2008,
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Mozilla Firefox 3.0 is the best which I really love to work with. even I have seen that its supporting html5.0 and css3.0 and higher scripting lanagues. This will be futures come to true. I am sure Microsoft is really worried about things moving forward on mozilla organization.

Long waited thing which is now Firefox 3.0 is supporting is animated PNG ( Portable Network Graphics) . as png itself Open Source developement. and another developement is of animated PNG. but previous versions of FF and IE 7 doesn’t support this feature. Let have a look at this animation in FF3.0

Animated PNG In GIF we generally keep each and every pixel transparent transparent. but now png supports 24 bit color. with 8 bit alpha formatting. for backward compatibility browser which doesn’t support Animated PNG then this file shows only first frame.

For More Details