Albumhunt’s Control Panel

Recently we have completed albumhunt’s work. I am really glad to giving him quality work. and this work in created in smarty. customer is so pleased with efforts. even I have seen lots of his customer feed back on shout box [ one module on site] on

As this is Cristmas month. and I also feel that I will offer some gift to him. as physically its not possible for me to send gift to him as it might be costlier for me. so I have given gift to him for animated santa in javascript. seriously this is first time we also made site like 3D look. our designer Raj M Jadhav created his high talented efforts in created designs for not only this site but also for many other sites as well.

Even we have created email templates for that site. i wish you visit the sites and enjoy the looks.

This site having almost 30,000 visitors every day. so we have created different layers for each sections. at the same time we have delivered high query optimization. previously page was aroun 360k. now whole page is around 60k. its all because of Runwalsoft always works on cutting edge technologies. site is created with keeping in mind of table less structures.

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  1. Thomas

    As the owner of, I would personally like to give praise to this exceptional additional that runwalsoft added to my control panel. This wasn’t even requested but as I always tell runwalsoft, I trust their judgment and was very pleased to see this once I logged into my account. Its fully customizable for any occasion or season. For Christmas they added santa in his sleigh moving from left to right and after Christmas they added opened gifts and a fire place. Come new year they ill add fireworks and im sure we will be updating it throughout the year. Not only does it look good but it also gives the impression to our users that our site is being updated. Even somehing this simple can show that the site’s owners still update the site. We have received nothing but praise from our user’s since the addition and have runwalsoft to thank. Continue the great work and we will continue to work with you in the future.

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